May 12, 2014

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[Roster Roundup] Issue #01

[Roster Roundup] Issue #01



Roster Roundup – Issue #01
By Agent Ack-Im-Dead

One of the most common questions that is asked around the community is “Hey! Who should I recruit next!?!
The reply is universally “Who do you have already?
You don’t know me yet, but I’m going to offer up some recruitment strategies. My recommendations here are meant to be comprehensive. I’ll answer questions like…
Are they amazing in PvP? Are they very powerful in PvE? Are they required for certain critical deployments? Are they just amazingly fun to play?

In each article, I will give a reason for my Top Tier selections and cover some of the Tier 2 choices. And I will point out now that there are very few “wrong” choices and some choices are personal preference. Everyone has a favorite character from the comic books (I swoon for Taskmaster and Archangel) and playing with characters you like makes the game much more fun. My list will be different from someone else’s, but you will often see experienced players suggest many of the same heroes.

When asked for advice on who to acquire next, this is my list for easy reference.

Top Tier (Get these first)
Captain America
Captain Britain
Emma Frost
Juggernaut (Lockbox, currently Expired)
Kitty Pryde
Magneto (Lockbox, currently Expired)
Sabretooth (Lockbox)
Union Jack

Second Tier (Get these next)

Black Widow
Dr. Doom (Lockbox)
Doctor Voodoo
Elektra (Lockbox, currently Expired)
Heimdal (Currently Limited Edition)
Nico “Minaj” Minoru (Currently Limited Edition)
Moonstone (Lockbox)
Scarlet Witch


   Captain America – Cap is awesome, and good for everything. His alternate costumes give him incredible flexibility of role. He’s red, white, and blue. He’s got a shield, and he is used for many boss fights, deploys and has his own Heroic Battle. Cap is rock solid. Get him early, use him often. Going through his abilities, you can see that he applies Dizzy, Target Focus, and Lock On with his various powers. All of these make it easier for your Agent and allies to do more damage to the enemy. Cap isn’t the best at anything, but he is a great all-around hero.
   Editor’s Note: Cap is the team-up in S1:12.2, which is a popular place to farm CP. Recruiting Cap early and leveling him up will make that fight much easier! -Paul

   Cap Costumes – There are seven alternate costumes for Cap. They give him access to Tactician, Bruiser and Scrapper classes and in some cases dramatically change his play style. A community favorite is World War 2 (WWII) Cap. He starts battle with Shield Guard, meaning that even before he acts, he is defending allies, Blocking the attack for reduced damage and then counterattacking with a Shield Bash. The Captain Steve Rogers costume changes up his move set and grants some pre-emptive abilities as well as a large number of Debuffs, including Flanked and Generalized.
Editor’s Note: Captain Steve Rogers was a Spec Op 17 Limited Edition item and may not be available again for some time.

   Captain Britain – Captain Britain is one of the most durable Bruisers in the game. He hits like a truck, has flight, and can execute an All Enemies Stun attack. Captain Britain heals when an enemy dies, and can sometimes gets extra turns (Merlyn’s Gift). Viable in PVP or PVE, this guy can kick some serious ass and do it with a cool British accent.

   Cyclops – Cyclops is a very early recruit for most players, and he seems decent at first glance, but his power becomes more obvious when paired with the right team. Optic Blast applies Flanked! Exploit Weakness applies Weak Point and Disadvantaged. Evasive Maneuvers applies Combat Advantage. These are all very powerful buffs. He might not be the one-shot cannon that some characters are, but he is a Tactician and is one of the more underrated characters in the game.

   Cyke Costumes – Goodness. His costumes grant access to the Blaster class in addition to his standard Tactician. Phoenix Five (P5) is very good, granting Phoenix Potential:Flames of Destruction, but I don’t really care for the inconsistency that comes with the random procs. Uncanny Cyclops is gained with Season 2, Chapter 2 Mastery, and can be earned by anyone. In addition to the already mentioned excellent powers and buffs/debuffs he provides, he now has a pair of new passives. Don’t Die On Me and Uncanny Leadership are both remarkable, but still random. Don’t Die On Me gives a chance for an Ally to return with a small percent of their health after being KO’ed. This is not limited to once a battle, nor once per character. Proc rates seem to change without being documented in patch notes, but it is frequent enough that you could hope for it, but not so often that you should count on it. Uncanny Leadership gives a chance for a member of your team to gain a second action after completing their first. This does apply exhaustion, so you couldn’t continue to gain extra turns via the use of items or most powers, but when it happens, it is very strong. I’m going to be honest, I’m not a fan of Cyclops in most of the comics, but I’m a huge fan of him in the game, put him to work and you will see his value as well.

    Emma Frost – Emma is a Psychic based character in the game with a set of powerful abilities. My favorite is Psychic Tap, which puts Mental Anguish on the opponent. That means that they need to remove the Debuff, Recharge, or attack and suffer huge damage from the effect. In any case, you are likely to stall their team for an action. If you add the Weak Mind A-ISO to that power, the damage it causes is devastating. There have been several team ups for PVP that have come from Podcasts, YouTube videos, and Forums, so be sure to do a little research. She is also a Tactician, which in the wild world of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, stands well positioned with the most to gain and least vulnerability.

   Emma Costumes – Emma’s P5 costume gives access to the Infiltrator class in addition to her normal Tactician. Phoenix Potential: Cosmic Power is a super-charged version of her Level 6 power, Unleashed Potential, because it grants any ally a chance to trigger the ability (same mechanic as the rest of the P5 set of costumes).

That’s all for this installment. Next time we will discuss a new group of heroes for you to consider recruiting.

– Agent Ack-Im-Dead




  1. Agent Andeo says:

    What do you think is the best team up for Cyclops in pvp and pve

  2. Cyke is awesome. PvP is such a mixed bag with different opponents as the event goes on. When someone discovers a good combo, lots of people jump on it. So you have to be willing to update your offense and defense as things change and you find things that work for you.
    Team ups? PvE is easy – anyone you need to level. He and your agent can carry anyone against most foes.
    PvP? Since he amplifies everyones damage, I usually team him with a heavy hitter. Hulk, Rogue, Havok, Captain Britain are all good choices. With Flanked and Weak Point, anyone who can do substantial damage now does twice that much.

    Hope that helps.

  3. james debrine says:

    I Think your idea is great, HOWEVER your list of who to get first is WRONG for basic reason, you have to assume those asking who to get next are new players. THE NUMBER 1# RULE IS GET THE CHEAPEST HEROS FIRST! Even She Hulk over Wolverine, because at only 15 CP versus his 90 CP cost it takes FOREVER to get him for new players while She-hulk can fly jets, is in deploys, and is a body for PVP bruiser power ( an early bruiser deploy needed too in Nitro/Crimson armor dude mission) Also for a beginner she hits hard and her level 2 allows two attacks on first turn so as a beginning hero she rocks, it’s just poor coding of her that her stun number 6 power almost never hits and her number 9 power is based on more damage to stunned opponents so because of 6’s fubar workings her 9 is weaker too. IVE seen it enough compared to other heros with same or less chance to stun, then her’s, firing off way more often, and her’s for sure isn’t landing even half the time, much less the listed 60% of the time!

    Oh and here’s a secret tip I shouldn’t point out, MANY think Cyclops should be first free hero to choose, BUT no IRON FIST all the way!

    1) you already have Hawkeye as given hero so have a Tactician and an infiltrator in Black Widow, and a blaster in Iron man as automatically given Heros SO you need a Bruiser and a Scrapper next.

    2) HOWEVER despite my saying need of Bruiser and She Hulk being better then most give credit for, at low levels IRON FIRST ROCKS from level 1 to 14 AND has gotten me to adamantium for both seasons ive competed at since joined game as one of my defensive Heros AND if having a tuff time on attacks I use for attack hero, as now they fixed his combo breaker he’s AWESOME and deadly. He self cures and self cures/heals himself or others, debuffs, especially if smart and BUY his E-iso so don’t even have to grind for it, just 30 gold ( and Heros cant use E iso till level 4 anyways so have time to get that gold ) and has a number 2 powerhouse hit, available too in his IRON FIST power, which I make sure he has high enough accuracy to land or stick with his combo number one. And there is a fairly early deploy for him too, and a scrapper is far more useful then a bruiser and is needed too. BUT once the player has 15 CP for the final 5th class, they should buy She Hulk then.

    3) The first chapter of season 2, on TOTAL completion gives Iron Fist a free powerful Uniform, so also the easiest chapter to completely finish, too. So a free strong uniform is a pretty good deal!

    Basically the rule of buy the cheapest heros first applies to ANYONE, if they still have some they haven’t gotten, because each body makes PVP power stronger and when think that the MOST expensive of the CHeap heros at 48 CP is almost two for price of a regular Hero at 90 Cp!. And She hulk being only 1/6th the price of even Wolverine, (WHO is the smart money’s bet as first 90 cp hero to buy no matter what anyone else says but most say yeah he’s best 90 CP cost hero to buy.) is just too good a deal to pass up, especially since bruiser needed, and when just starting even the 8 more Cp for Colussus is a long wait, it’s best to get the Heros by CP price at least until have two of each class ( so can do a deploy needing that class and do a battle that needs that class same time) and enough bodies to fly all the jets currently usable same time as battling. THEN a slight change up, to say skip a 23 cost hero for a 33 or a 48 cost hero when a 33 still left to buy. And of course STORM for that season one mission as only Hero specifically needed to pop the Epic boss to farm Cp. IF Epics still give double Cp that is, for sure the ones ive been popping on Season 2 have same CP amount as regular bosses for some reason ( or at least a few have, not sure if change recent as I swore I saw ONE season two epic boss with the up to 10 CP award possible).

    Finally Cyclops SHOULD be the sixth Hero to get as he’s only 15 Cp and as you pointed out Tacticians ARE the biggest possible benefit and least risky class but he himself stays a top Hero in power. HOWEVER I can blow him away with Iron Fist and Black widow in a team in an incursion, because his combat awareness is a DETRIMENT with IRON FIST in the room, as he usually gets the counter so a free attack and free damage on Cyclops team. And if high levels, black widow’s guaranteed target and and hit and crit PLUS high chance to stun number 9 quick access, PLUS her incapacitate/debuff attack range number 2 power is almost a sure stun on Cyclops and gives BW counter attack ability, ( long as Cyclops not partnered with Iron Fist too lol, though in all my PVP and tons of incursions I haven’t seen that combo yet lol) IF Cyclops goes first, long as power not strong enough to one shot BW which if near equal status won’t be, she can put her target for extra damage and then counter attack him and debuff him with combo debuff for her turn, and also an option, instead of the ranged number 2 as the number 9 power usualy DOES stun on itself, is to use her number 6 jump kick to erase all of Cyclops buffs, AND it hits harder. Since its unarmed attack too if he was debuffed with combo from a counter attack it do even more damage! The number 6 jump kick is what to use on Cyclops team IF no Iron Fist present to combo break, if Cyclops has cast his number 6 combat awareness already.

  4. Those are all excellent points and I will likely be recommending that strategy of getting IF before Cyke.
    That being said, with this series I’m reviewing individual characters, not providing a new player guide on mechanics. Yes, at the first stages, getting every body as quickly as you can is valuable. But, I don’t feel that even at 15 CP that She-Hulk is worthwhile until you have the points to spare.

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