Jul 15, 2014

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[Strategy] Debuff Dossier – #5 Pain & Exposed

[Strategy] Debuff Dossier – #5 Pain & Exposed

 In this featured series, Agent AL Nightmare will examine two debuffs that are similar, and
breakdown their effectiveness and offer strategic analysis on how to determine which is a
greater threat.

Welcome to the fifth issue of Debuff Dossier! In this issue, we are going to analyze Pain and Exposed. These debuffs can both cause the affected target to take more damage from attacks.

Let’s get to the breakdown:

Pain is a debuff that causes the affected character to take 8% more damage, and can stack up to 3 times, which means you can make the target take 24% more damage. Pain is a great alternative to Wide-Open and Lock-On. This debuff is bound to affect, whether you are Fortified, Exposed, or any other status effect that affects Defense; this means that the enemy will take more damage. At the same time, the Pain can be avoided by using items such as the Scroll of Angolob, and your standard ways, including the Lost Page of Vishanti.

Exposed is a 3 round debuff which reduces the defense stat by 25%. While there are more ways to get this debuff off, getting your defense reduced can be dangerous, since there are passive attack buffs like Paragon Exploiter, and Exploits Exposure. Exposed can be removed by the standard ways, such as the Scroll of Angolob and Lost Pages of Vishanti, as well as applying Fortified.

Priority: Exposed

Some great weapon/gear combinations to try and apply Exposed and maximize its effectiveness on enemies include:
– Golden Batstone 2.357 Minigun
– Fist of Colossus
– Horsemen Set
– Hand of Apocalypse
– Neuropurge
– Plasma Sword

Augmented ISO-8 Suggestions:

Shatterstar’s Painful A-Iso and it makes his Blade Maelstrom apply the similar debuff Pain Train.


Here’s a quick table of the heroes that apply Exposed and can exploit it:#6 02
So, there are a lot of choices for a great exposure centric Team-Up. Obviously, the heroes that have an “All Enemies” attack that apply Exposed is optimal, so Sabretooth, Punisher, and Nightcrawler are all great choices.

Now, if you are looking towards just exploiting Exposed, then you may look toward Colossus. His Decimate ability is a big attack that exploits Exposed, and now with his Decimating E-Iso, he can really be a force to be reckoned with.

Now for Paragon Exploiters, the big names easily come to mind, like Havok, Captain Britain, and Deadpool. Instead, I’m going to offer a different character that many of you may not have used yet, and that is Punisher. If you can get his Upgraded A-Iso (S2 M3.65), you can really dish out tons of damage!

That concludes this issue of Debuff Dossier, I hope you enjoyed it! I am open to any suggestions you guys might have for a future issue of Debuff Dossier. Leave it in the comments below.

Agent AL Nightmare signing off, and remember: Always, know your debuffs.


  1. AL Nightmare says:

    I did this article a while back, I forgot to add Luke Cage to the List. Still, Let me know what you guys think!

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