May 23, 2014

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Debuff Dossier #4 – Mental Trauma and Doom

Debuff Dossier #4 – Mental Trauma and Doom

debuff dossier

Debuff Dossier – Issue 04
Author: Agent AL Nightmare

In this featured series, Agent AL Nightmare will examine two debuffs that are similar, and breakdown their effectiveness and offer strategic analysis on how to determine which is a greater threat.

Welcome to the fourth issue of Debuff Dossier! In this issue, we are going to analyze Mental Anguish and Doom. These debuffs are both very nasty, as they both can take a huge chunk of health out of you or your enemies.

Let’s get to the breakdown:


Priority: Mental Anguish
Doom, is a very nasty debuff that is bound to happen, meaning you cannot remove it by normal means such as the Scroll of Angolob or Lost Pages of Vishanti. It was especially good against the Scroll of “Uncle Bob” users a few PvP seasons ago. At the same time, once Doom activates, it removes 70% of the CURRENT health, which means for example if Doom kicks in when an enemy is at 10 Health, it’ll only bring them down to 3, hence not killing the enemy. Obviously, you’ll want to apply Doom as early as possible, to get the max damage, and that may not be possible if you get a bad turn order in PvP.
Mental Anguish, is a debuff that takes 50% of the target’s health normally, 75% of targets with  Weak Mind on them, 25% of health to those with Mental Resistance (Cable, etc.), and will not be able to damage those with Mental Shield like Magneto and Juggernaut. While this debuff can be removed by normal means such as Lost Pages of Vishanti or the Scroll of Angolob, the damage of this Debuff when it does kick in is not scaled, so if the target has less than 50% health and Mental Anguish kicks in, it can essentially kill your intended target. Plus, this debuff can be applied more often than Doom.
Some great weapon/gear combinations to try and apply Mental Anguish and maximize its effectiveness include:
–   Custom Only for Killing
–   Traumatic Post
–  Psychic Sacrificer Staff
–  Mindkiller

Augmented ISO-8 Suggestions:
The big thing with Mental Anguish is to apply Weak Mind to target, as it will provide a 25% additional health reduction to Mental Anguish. With this in mind, and the fact that only 1 hero can apply Mental Anguish, the Maddening Augmented ISO-8 Could go on these two hero attacks for Mental Anguish:
– Emma Frost’s Psychic Tap and Mental Trauma


The obvious choice to go with Emma Frost. Especially with her new Character Specific E-ISO, called the Eternal Empowered ISO-8, she can not only take tons of reduced Damage, but also dish out that Nasty Mental Anguish. Also, if you put the Maddening Augmented ISO-8 on her Psychic Tap You are looking good to do some amazing damage. As far as what to use with her, you could go one of two ways:
1. You can use Beast as the Horsemen of Pestilence, to keep that Mental Anguish on the target.
2. You can equip the Scroll of Aknazsak and Custom Only for Killing on your agent. The First seal of the scroll essentially does what Pestilence Beast’s “Paradise Lost” passive does, and if your target somehow removes the debuff right away, you can use the Custom Only for Killing to re-apply it.

Another idea comes from Kingfisher 745, who contributes the segment on our beloved podcast called “All Hail the King”. In one of his segments that he did for us, he called for a team-up called “Magic Trauma,” which you use Emma Frost and Dr. Voodoo. You can really make this team-up very powerful, especially with the addition of the Augmented ISO. Making Dr. Voodoo’s Voodoo Curse become stealthy, thanks to the Sorcerous Augmented Iso-8, is just unfair!

That concludes this edition of Debuff Dossier, I hope you enjoyed it.
I am open to any suggestions you guys might have for a future issue of Debuff Dossier. Leave it in the comments below.
Agent AL Nightmare signing off, and remember: Always, know your debuffs.

  1. Allan Chitay says:

    Hey Greate post
    I dont know if I’m wrong but, the first Seal of Aknazsak Applies Indomitable Spirit, the description says “Supresses must effects that prevent or remove buff” But not Debuffs as you said… And Paradise lost says “Supresses must effects that prevent or remove debuffs from both allies and enemys” But not Buffs! So Indomitable Spirit and Paradise Lost are the Opposite!

  2. Sarelena says:

    Just thought you should have mentioned what happens when a character affected by “Mental Anguish” and “Disoriented” takes offensive action against his team mate. Since it’s very important when you plan your team’s line up and which weapons you use, to know that one will cancel the other is critical information. Personally, I think it’s a bug and I’ve been reporting it pretty much every pvp season but PD doesn’t seem inclined to take any action.

    Other that that, great article. It’s always fun to read about all those numbers behind the scene.

    • Sarelena says:

      I forgot to mention regarding this line you wrote : “Making Dr. Voodoo’s Voodoo Curse become stealthy, thanks to the Sorcerous Augmented Iso-8, is just unfair!” The curse is already Subtle by default so there’s no reason to make it stealthy. The only ability of the Doctor that benefits from being stealthy in his lvl6 abilities is the Vodoun Crows and it’s only so it won’t be protected against by protect area mechanics because the ability already prevents counter attack. Anyone that played that team-up suggested by Kingfisher knows how frustrating it can be when Hercules or Captain A prevent your crows from affecting the whole party :S

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