Jul 6, 2015

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Panel x Panel Episode: 0002 – The Runaways

Panel x Panel Episode: 0002 – The Runaways

SPOILER ALERT:  Epic Boss McFall and Uncle George discuss the Runaways series. Plot points, character developments, and twists are revealed. If you haven’t read the first Runaways series… we’re about to spoil it totally. So, you should go do that now!

(No worries. We’ll be here when you get back.)



(Items mentioned in this episode:   include time stamps for each item)

  1. Writer: Brian K. Vaughan          Time: 02:20 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_K._Vaughan)
  2. Uncle George recaps the Runaways storyline     Time:04:35
  3. Initial reaction to the story        Time: 05:14
  4. Month to month reading vs “The Binge”      Time: 07:03
  5. The Parents? (spoiler) They’re Evil!!!!        Time 09:30
  6. The Ceremony of Thunder     Time: 21:26
  7. Uncle George (unofficially) earns a Marvel “No Prize”!      Time:31:03
  8. The Wrap-up           Time:31:30
  9. Who was this series for?     Time:35:15


  1. Brian K. Vaughn: Recommended highly…  One of McFalls favorite writers. According to the Epic Boss, he’s never written a bad word in his life!  Past work is discussed.

  2. “Uncle” George touches base with the Runaways initial storyline.

  3. Our hosts describe their initial reactions to the story… Epic Boss describes being surprised at how much he “bought into” some story elements so readily, while Uncle George had a small issue with how quickly/easily the kids banded together to fight the villains.

  4. Uncle George notes that there can be a difference in how a story is experienced depending on whether it’s read one monthly issue at a time or collected and binged on.

  5. SPOILER WARNING!  The parents are the series “Big Bad”.  The kids and their powers. The parents and what we know about them.

  6. The Ceremony of Thunder… “a nice catalyst in the story.”  Parents are confronted, secret alliances are revealed, plans are thwarted!

  7. The “No Prize” – Back in the 60s & 70s the letter column was HUGE in Marvel Comics. One of the most popular features in each issue, this is where fans could connect with their favorite writers and complain about/point out “mistakes” in their favorite books. One day Marvel started awarding readers who would point out a mistake but then go on to explain why it wasn’t a mistake at all! Uncle George TOTALLY does that with a bit of plot weirdness involving Captain America. Somebody get that man a “No Prize”!

  8. While this series was targeted for a younger comics fan, the guys liked it just fine. Uncle George says it was perfect for his daughter, who loved it!



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