Aug 17, 2015

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Panel by Panel: War of Kings part 1

Panel by Panel: War of Kings part 1

(Our first two-parter!)


“Uncle” George Doro and Charles “Epic Boss” McFall



Epic Boss McFall and Uncle George discuss the epic Marvel Comics storyline Inhumans: War of Kings.  Plot points, character developments, and twists WILL BE revealed. If you haven’t read this run of comics… we’re about to spoil it totally. So, you should go do that now!      (No worries. We’ll be here when you get back.)  

Reading List:

We’re looking at Marvel’s Inhumans: “War of Kings” arc. This was a GIGANTIC storyline covering a huge amount of books and characters.

Creators:      Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Chris Yost

What’s it about?

Cyclops, of the X-Men has an evil secret brother named Vulcan who is just generally pissed off about stuff and tries to wreck the Galaxy.

Only, it’s about way, way, WAY more than that. Seriously.  I’m not kidding… this storyline sets up plot points that expand into other SEPARATE storylines and will affect Marvel’s Cosmic characters for the next decade!


  • Six issue miniseries PLUS a billion other crossovers!
  • Launched immediately after and ties into the “Secret Invasion” arc.
  • INCREDIBLY LARGE STORYLINE! “War of Kings” ran simultaneously and wove into other storylines involving ALL of Marvel’s OTHER cosmic characters.
  • Lead Characters: Inhumans, Cyclops, Havok (Cyclops’ brother), Vulcan (Cyclops’ other secret-evil-crazy-goes-wacko brother), X-Men, The Inhumans, Black Bolt, Guardians of the Galaxy, Starjammers, The Kree Empire, The Shi’ar Empire, The Shi’ar Imperial Guard,  Nova, “Rachel Grey-Phoenix”, Crystal, Blastaar, Maximus the Mad, Adam Warlock, Starhawk, The Kree Supreme Intelligence,



Charles “Epic Boss” McFall

on the Helicarrier Network at From The Helicarrier  also on Facebook at Success Freaks

“Uncle” George Doro can be found on the Helicarrier Network as a regular guest on “From the Helicarrier”

Mike Woodard:  

Show Producer, Voiceovers

Luis Toscano:

“Keeper of the Details”

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