Oct 31, 2013

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From the Helicarrier #2

From The Helicarrier_edited-2

   Welcome to episode #2. This week you hear a more segmented format with distinct News, Mission Updates, PVP, and the Tip of the Week.

   News – 2 new characters are announced and original spec ops characters are coming permanently to the store.

   Mission Updates –  Progress through Season 2 Chapter 2. Have you gotten Uncanny Cyclops yet? I detail some of the side missions, quests, and the best way to approach them.

   PVP – I go over Attilan weapons, Electra is overpowered, and Offense/Defense teams.

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  1. itisalltaken says:


    I have been listening to you pod casts and am enjoying the tips for new players. I basically have a big problem with my AFK team. I pretty much lose every battle. I have been playing for awhile and am level 244, I have 124 K in attack and 84 K in defence. I have most characters but about 10 that I can’t get yet. I would say half and half are low or level 13. Any suggestions to improve my AFK team? I have tried a lot of combos with different teams. I could go into more on what I have tired but that is just a basic of what I have. I could use some advice, even just general advice.



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