Nov 18, 2014

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FTH#61 – Marvel Said Knock You Out

FTH#61 – Marvel Said Knock You Out

We kick this one off hard and fast getting right into the PVP matchmaking, Spec Ops finishing up, the expanded universe, and Marvel said knock you out. Why are you still reading this when you can be listening!

Headlines: PVP Gamma Ends, Season 17 coming soon, and Morbius’ true value (less than 20 Gold)

Current Sales: Deathly Freeze Ray, Hard Nox

Question of the Week: MugTwig calls in a question

Expanded Universe News: Free Awesome Mix Tape vol. 1, Glenn Howerton from Sunny almost Star-lord, Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men

From the Field:  Agents Ocynico, MAA Clairvoyant, Ramy, Cage, and Armstrong all submit their reports for your approval.

Challong!: Here is the group to join if you want to play along and vote on your favorite heroes through Challong.

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  1. Good episode, as usual, concerning the controversy of kingfisher and the other YT guy though: I agree, the other YT guy should have done it very differently. The reason(s) for his anger are understandable but the way he chose to communicate it, it’s not ok. However, I don’t like how your podcast describes the video’s content out of context and partially even falsely. I believe that other YT guy should feel very sorry for how he communicated his anger but I will continue to watch both YT channels. They are good and actually complement each other.

  2. Agent Eagleheart says:

    Catching up on FTH and the Agent who asked about reforge Warbringer Axe and Hotshot.I just wanted to weigh in on this. Warbringer Axe you would not reforge at all as its always on sale and you can assess at the time it comes up for sale and buy it for 64gold. Some thing like the Hotshot is interesting if you need it to do its higher potential damage you would reforge it. It not a item sold separately it would cost 264 gold as a set this makes reforging worth while but only if you want it to do damage and not just use it for stun and burning.

    Fantastic show guys

    • I reforged my WBA (48 gold is a lot better than 64); plus WBA may go on sale sometimes but you can reforge your WBA whenever you feel like it.

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