Sep 16, 2014

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FTH#52 – Its been one year!

FTH#52 – Its been one year!

So I had it pointed out to me last week that we are hitting the one year mark for this show. We have had such an awesome ride qith you guys to get where we are now. I thank Ibbott for agreeing to start this journey with me, Klotz for coming in and changin our focus to be more professional and better at what we do, and of course the King Fisher himself for partnering with us and making the whole experience better. Of course I thank all of you agents out there who have given me encouragement all along the way, who have given us new allies to play with, and who make it worth doing all of the time. Thank you. Now on with the show.

Headlines: I get a box from Agent Al Bsure Whoo! New content coming soon from FTH.

New Spartans: Congrats to Agent Al Nightmare for hitting 300!

Question of the week: Agent Tag asks what about a trade system?

All Hail the King: New playlists coming to youtube including the ABC’s of M:AA

From the Field: Agents Union John, Robinson, King, Averal, Cage, and GETEM send in their reports this week.


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  1. Uncle George says:

    I don’t know where the “40 million” silver came from either. As I keep telling Agent Ibbott, I’m maintaining 63 million (insert Dr. Evil’s inflection here: “MMMMILL-yun”) and change. How have I done it? Thousands of 20 minute deploys over the past two years. 95 of my heroes are level 13 or 14, and I put them in most of the jets, so they rake in quite a bit.
    I have only the original training bay, so I’m not suffering the constant silver drain that those with the 100-gold bay are undergoing, even though I’ve always got a hero training. The silver drain is a disadvantage I didn’t even foresee when I decided not to buy the second bay yet. I gather that many players have an idle second bay because they can’t afford the training fee. Not an effective use of 100 gold in my view. Handing the soapbox back to you, Paul.
    So my tip, though I think it’s an obvious one, is this. Use the jets effectively: 1) if you’re playing, watch the deck clock and re-send every 20 minutes. 2) If you’re doing other things, but you’re near internet access, deploy every 20-45 minutes; if you can get two deploys in each hour, that trumps all the longer durations. 3) When you’re away from your computer, use the longest duration that will complete before your anticipated return time.

    That’s it for now. Keep up the dandy work. Hope to join you all for an episode soon.


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