Jul 14, 2015

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FTH #97 SDCC News vs FTH News!

FTH #97 SDCC News vs FTH News!

With San Diego Comicon juts departed we have a lot of cool news to cover, plus drop rates, matchmaking, new content and more! Welcome to the #1 News source for Marvel: Avengers Alliance!

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Headlines {Ibbott}11741922_883628801691747_354724532_n

  • News from SDCC
  • SpecOps 28 strategies
  • Quake
  • PVP progress
  • New Show coming with the new network

Current Sales [Klotz]

  • Vision AoU
  • IP / Cap America
  • WCD

New Spartan Shoutouts [McFall]

  • Agent Fourway Flashers
  • Agent Pankey
  • Agent Shepherd FTH

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