Oct 28, 2014

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FTH #58 Chapter Seven and Uncle George

FTH #58 Chapter Seven and Uncle George

We are graced by a great return visit by the world famous Uncle George who departs some awesome wisdom and the warm dulcet tones while we discuss chapter seven. Also new teasers for the Next Ops!

Headlines: Spec Ops 22 with Blade and that other guy

Current Sales: Dragons Foot, Egasua’s Scroll Set, Chessman’s Set, Gorgon

In-Depth: Chapter 7

MAA Mobile Minute: Non-stop Spec Ops, and no chapter 12

Expanded Universe: Age of Ultron plus sooo much more.

From the Field: Agent Zapfletts,  Averal, Get’em, Clairvoyant,  Snazzy, Cage, and Jones all report in this week.


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  1. Agent Union John says:

    Just hearing #58. I’m 1 hr 42 min in and I’m dying to hear you guys realize that they released Spec Ops Tuesday just for you. Good guessing on Morbius, guys. It was a big shock for me, but fortunately, I was just then about to harvest my friend’s sites so I pulled up a bunch of ISO. I have had fun with Strike teams already and have 3-starred mission 1 and 2 for future tasks. I needed another 15 minutes this morning to play through the PVP 5, so I guess I’ll hit the last three this evening and do research 2 overnight. I hope you guys are having similar luck. With any luck, I’ll get Blade and Morbius in ten days or so.

    Speaking of catching up, Soapbox Paul had better get his act in gear. I am finally nearing you Spartans after that April setback when they closed Playdom. I’m 280 and counting as of last night. I finally bought Falcon, who I just couldn’t get to with all my guys changing over to Facebook at level 1. I’m down to 38 characters at level 10 and everyone else above, but I only have ten or so at 14. Six more months and I can catch up, because it takes SOO LONG for those levels above what they originally planned. Paul is in danger of looking like a dilletante, but I’ll bet that a higher percent of his heroes are at top levels than mine.

    Character feedback –
    I can testify that Gorgon is fun with Ka-zar, Medusa, and Falcon, all of whom he has played with as I level my team. I have enjoyed Kang. He’s like a Doom who can actually use a little help. I accidentally 5-starred 12.2, so I’m using Chapter 2 missions to level him while I farm for cool E-ISO and A-ISO. Not too impressed with Null yet, but at least I finally got the extra ten points for the Epic Boss. I beat her with 81990 and 81920 before that happened. Grrrrrr.

    Looks like you finished recording before Spec Op dropped. I’ll go finish the episode and look forward to your outraged comments next week.


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