Oct 1, 2014

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FTH# 54 We say thank you to Playdom

FTH# 54 We say thank you to Playdom

So in a twist of fate we had to take the Helicarrier out early today but ended up doing an extra long show. Lots to discuss about the new spec ops drop, some PVP banter, many toung twister troubles, and a huge from the field segment. But most importanttly we say a heart felt thank you to Playdom for allowing us the opportunity to craft weapons and avoid spending gold. This is an awesome game changer. We encourage you to tweet: @maainsiders @fthelicarrer: We love the option of making/earning the spec ops weapons and having so many choices. This is the best feature yet. Thank you.  – Now on with the show.

Headlines: Spec Ops Drop, PVP Woes, and The Savage Land

Gold Sales: Errors in imagery, Gold bonus weapon breakdown, Gold weapon breakdown.

Question of the week: Agent Jubal asks who would you run on a hero only team?

All Hail the King: Ka-Zar with a few different partners plus fishing.

Expanded Universe: Agent GregDude reports on iOS M:AA

From the Field: Agents George, Poltorak, Lyles, Daly, Samukai, Cage, Ocynico, and Xrys all report in.

The Tip of the week was provided by Paul Losee.


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