Sep 14, 2016

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FTH #158 “A Fond Farewell”

FTH #158 “A Fond Farewell”

As I am coping with the loss of the game and the loss of one of my favorite shows I have ever done I ran into issues starting the show. But because we are a great team. Ibbott takes the wheel and the show carries on as I fix my tech issues. Shortly into it, I jump in and away we go. We were fortunate enough to be joined live by Paul Klotz, Uncle George, King Fisher, and Chris Wisdom. This was an Irish wake indeed where we celebrated the life of the game and what brought us to it. The saddest part for me as a whole was hearing Ibbott’s final “The boss has fled” and then seeing the final render button for this episode.

It has been a phenomenal run of episodes and experiences that have taken us to places we would never have thought we could go and introduced us to people we otherwise wouldn’t have met. As is said in the show feel free to write in your stories and thoughts and we will put them on the site, on the facebook page, and in the newsletter.

Thank you all again for coming along for this glorious ride and for being a part of something I love.

Truly and sincerely,

Charles McFall



  1. You could find another game and keep the show, honestly

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