Mar 29, 2016

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FTH #134 “Shocking Developments!”

FTH #134 “Shocking Developments!”

SpOps 33 continues with 21 days remaining, PVP 29 is Live with Cloak & Dagger as the reward hero(es), and Shocker is the latest LB hero. From The Helicarrier, the #1 unofficial news source for Marvel gaming.

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Current Events

  • Cloak & Dagger
  • PVP dropsPVP Season 29 ends on April 15th, @ 14:00 PDT (21:00 UTC), lasting 19 days.  There are 3 weekly LB quests, for 100 additional LBs.  Completing the 3 weekly tasks, and winning your 5 fights per day, will earn 195 Shocking Lockboxes.Harness The Power PVP Tasks
    Week 1: Mar 28 – Apr 4, 15 PvP, 30 LB.
    Week 2: Apr 4 – Apr 10, 20 PvP, win 3 in a row, 30 LB.
    Week 3: Apr 10 – Apr 15, 25 PvP, win 10, win 4 in a row, 40 LB.
  • Gold Sale & weapon
  • Fixes for Cammi & Electro
  • MAA2 new stealth update
  • Avengers Academy adds a dash of Pepper & shakes it up a little

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