Oct 27, 2015

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FTH #112 Whose Klotzy she said!

FTH #112 Whose Klotzy she said!

Klotz is gone but Ibbott and McFall struggle through with out him. We cover the end of PVP with some funny stories, Spec Ops Drop #30 with fun halloween time, and the most exciting a covert ops for DareDevil to get his awesome Netflix alt! Also name the movie reference in the show title……

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Current Sales

  • The Craft – 64g
  • Rattling Maneuver A-Iso (Am. Spider-Woman) – 5 Gold
  • Whistling Steel – 128g 96g
  • OMG the e/a-iso

New Spartan Shoutouts

  • Agent Kloud Strike

Current Events

  • PVP Ends…where did we end up?
  • Spec Ops 30 Drops
    • Spitfire
    • Baron Mordo
    • Group Boss – don’t have to use agent!
    • Gifts: Candy buckets, toothbrushes
  • Daredevil Alt

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  1. Great show guys first time i have listen’d to the show. always watch kingfishers videos and heard him talking about it. alot of good advice tips and hints on the game aswell NICE! hope this show last for a long time as i will tune in when I can.

    • Agent Mcfall says:

      This is also in podcast form – you can subscribe through iTunes and other RSS/Podcast apps on your phone, tablet, and computer. And of course you can listen to it all here n the web site.


  1. On This Day – October 27th in MAAs past – Marvel Avengers Alliance Times…. - […] FTH-112 – Whose Klotzy she said […]

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