Sep 15, 2015

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FTH #106 Ibbott is Worthy

FTH #106 Ibbott is Worthy

FTH #106 “Fear of Spiders is Arachnophobia, fear of tight spaces is Claustrophobia, fear of Chuck Norris is Logic!” Silk has arrived. Special operations 29 : Aranea ex Machina continues, Mayday Parker is arriving ‘soon’ as a general release, Pre-PVP has ended, and the Blizzard Lock Boxes can now be opened.

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Current Sales 

  • 2099 – 90 CP
  • Grace Note – 64 gold
  • Skeptic – 64 Gold
  • Psycho Lockboxes – Moonstone

Current Events

  • Pre-PVP ended its reign of terror
  • Spider-Verse part 2 Continues on
  • Opening Lockboxes – what now?
  • Chuck Norris MAA
  • Continuity – Player vs AI (self hits?)

PokeProf with a nightcrawler throwback, KingFisher with an awesome team up, and engaging From the Field Emails.

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