Aug 3, 2016

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FTFD Agent Tarma

Hello From the Helicarrier crew!

As it turns out, I discovered last week that everything I had been sending from my email account was being sent out as one long sentence, regardless of formatting. I apologize for sending the show one long sentence and have created a new email address to prevent that from happening in the future!

This past week has been pretty crazy for MAA1 and I can safely say that Faisa was NOT on the list of characters I was going to include for this segment. Now, without anymore delay….

Below is the first edition of HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!! *Start*

This week for HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!! I’ll be covering a character that doesn’t need much background as most of us are probably already familiar with them. Having fought alongside Captain America and the Howling Commandos, Hank Pym, and countless other SHIELD agents this character can throw down with the anyone that Hydra, Leviathan, or the Maggia can throw at them. Not only that, this character has been in five Marvel movies, was the star of their own One-Shot, along with two seasons of a TV series dedicated to them. With such an impressive resume, it is really odd that Agent Carter hasn’t been added to the game.

Being in five Marvel movies alone should be enough to have someone added to the game, but Peggy Carter is one of the few characters remaining that does not require any research who can and should be added to the game. While there are a lot of versions of Peggy that could be added, such as World War II uniform, elder SHIELD official, or general undercover agent, the version that should be added is her most recognized version: Peggy’s Red hat and Blue Dress. This is the version that sees the most merchandise and fan attention, as you can’t attend any comic convention without seeing someone dressed as Agent Carter.

I will be upfront on this, I really want to see a Bruiser/Infiltrator in the game. That combination would amazingly fun as having enraged combat reflexes would be great. That being said, Peggy Carter fits that role perfectly. She is shown on the front lines with Captain America, the Howling Commandos, and the best the SSR has to offer. But in addition to being able to scrap with the best of them, she can also sneak into any facility. From high end social clubs to fortified military facilities there isn’t that seems to stop her entry. Add in state of the art 1940s technology and we’ve got the makings of a character who could be both a lot of fun and potentially PvP worthy. *Finish*

Please do not hesitate to give advice or constructive criticism of this and future articles! I kept this on the short side, as I’m not sure what the appropriate length of something like this should be. I can easily add or contract the size of these for future emails.

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