Jul 26, 2016

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FTFD Agent Kostadin

“Hello FTH the agent that tried to fix his twitch name bu failed writes whit his semi working laptop.
A lot of stuff happened this week MAA1 released a mile long patch ,because of the new “”update “” I can no longer play MAA2.

But all that aside welcome back to MAA what if part 3.1
Computer: you cant use me whitout buing a keyboard just like MAA 2 wants you to buy external memory.
One trip to the local technology store later .
me:I can’t be bothered whit MAA2 now,but here you go a new key board can we do series now.
Well that was annoying so lets explore idea for friendly pvp where you can fight real time whit your friends/allies just for fun. this my most useless idea ,but it’s not called 3.1 just because of MAA2
so you will have to wait until next week to see how this idea is going to be useful for those who don’t like just for fun .

PS are you going to be reading e-mails during the game day show”

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