May 3, 2014

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Weekly Debrief – May 3, 2014

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Weekly Debrief – May 3, 2014
By Paul Klotz

Welcome to the Weekly Debrief for May 3, 2014!
This week has brought the release of a ton of new content. Here is the breakdown, to get you up to speed on the latest things to check out.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume

In the latest movie tie-in, there are new alternate costumes for Spidey. Amazing Spider-Man features a traditional styling, with the new “The Webslinger” passive, which provides a chance to proc extra turns from follow-up and counter attacks. These suits will cost you 75 Command Points and are only available until June 10th.

amazing Spider-Man Csotume
Amazing Spider-Man is available in Scrapper and Infiltrator variants.


On Sale
This week also brought two sale items to the masses. Neuropurge is a new gadget that provides a slew of debuffs to hinder your opponents. Neuropurge is no longer available, but be sure to keep your eyes open for it in the field!
Crowd favorite Coulson’s Revenge returns to the store for the first time since late 2012. A rare opportunity to pick up this mainstay of Avengers Alliance history, you can find it in the store for 56 Gold. Coulson’s Revenge provides the Coordinated Attack buff to all allies, as well as unlocking further buffs if paired with the Avengers film costumes. This hard hitting weapon packs a punch and ignores the enemy defense stat as well as penetrating shield effects. Grab it before it disappears on May 8th.

Season 2: Chapter 5 has arrived!

Chapter 5 hit this week bringing with it a mess of new Empowered and Augmented ISO-8’s, as well as the new Transian Scarlet Witch costumes, and the obligatory pile of new weapons.
Transian Scarlet Witch
Transian Scarlet Witch is the Chapter 5 Mastery Reward, and comes with Blaster and Infiltrator variants.


New Empowered Iso-8
Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch (30 Gold each)

Season 2: Chapter 5 Heroic Battles
Tigra, She-Hulk, Thundra (Mission 1)
Kitty Pride, X-23 (Mission 2)
Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Thing (Mission 3)
Bishop, Havok (Mission 4)
Psylocke, Fantomex, Spiral (Mission 5)
Red Hulk, Hulk (Mission 6)

New Augmented Iso-8
Season 2: Chapter 3
Shatterstar (Mission 1 – Boss)
Magik (Mission 2 – Boss)
Daredevil (Mission 3 – Boss)
Hank Pym (Mission 4 – Boss)
Sunfire (Mission 5 – Boss)
Punisher (Mission 6 – Boss)
Fantomex (Mission 6 – Epic Boss)

Season 2: Chapter 5
Havok (Mission 1 – Boss)
Ares (Mission 2 – Boss)
Squirrel Girl (Mission 3 – Boss)
Emma Frost (Mission 4 – Boss)
Thor (Mission 5 – Boss)
Hercules (Mission 6 – Boss)


New Feature: The Simulator!
Simulator banner
The Simulator is a brand new feature with two awesome modes to check out.

Challenges offer an opportunity to test your mettle against a variety of different scenarios, with a one-time reward available for completion. The first set of challenges offers 10 gold for completing a series of battles involving interesting parameters.
Producer Woods assured fans that there will be future updates for the Challenges, likely to accompany future content releases.
The Villain Archive allows players to battle most of the bosses, including ones from previous events that are not normally available in the game. This is a just for fun feature that has unlimited use, but no rewards.

Villain Archive

Patch Notes: Chapter 5, Simulator, Amazing Spider-Man

In case you missed them, here are the Patch Notes for Chapter 5, be sure to note the new changes to the Webbed status effect. Quite a game changer for a few characters!
Good luck in the field Agents! Tune in each week for the latest intel for Marvel: Avengers Alliance!

– Agent MortalSword

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