Jul 13, 2016

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FtHC – Agent Sketches

Huh, so this popped onto the show today. You know what that means!?

It’s time for another one of Agent Sketches smart ass e-mails in todays episode of:

PLAAAAAAAAAYDOM’S: Consider the following.

In this segment, I will send a few things worth sharing. And you the hosts A.K.A sexy beasts of the show will comment your thoughts on these ideas. Now it’s time to for:

PLAAAAAAAAAYDOM’S: Consider the following.

1st: Am I the only one who wants to see a Heroic Battle with Baron Strucker vs Misty Knight vs Winter Soldier? Their arms could be flying in the air. I guess that would make them.. (take a pause) ALL-RIGHT. 😉

2nd : Can someone explain to me why Kitty Pryde’s Level 2 is called Sneak Attack? Clearly it’s not Stealthy even but her Level 1 is. How does that make any sense? F**ked up decisions. What? You’re not going to say that word out loud? Klotz got away with saying OP-Ness at one point!

Fine. I’ve got other ways to let it out of my system…


3rd: It has taken me a long time to notice this, and I was shocked when I figured it all out. If you look very, very VERY, closely, you will notice that Howard the Duck’s in-game sprite looks just like real life director Zack Snyder. Look at how his feathers stand up just like Snyder’s hair! Even the clothing is comparable to a degree! Now let that stick inside your head the same way you look Jon Bernthal’s Ears. They’re always there……..

But enough of that news, let’s get a little word from our sponsor Boot Crate!

“A monthly subscription service where a pair of boots are delivered straight to your door! Here at Boot Crate, we promise to deliver at the same time content drops in Avengers Alliance. This month is Ant-Man, or is it Giant-Man themed? Ah, Shock it! An ant has no quarrel with a boot.”

“Ah Sir…”


“Well, you know how you said we deliver content the same time something drops in MAA?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Sir. They are throwing content right out the mutha truckin door!”

“Oh my… How much?”

“I don’t know sir, but it’s been 3 months since we have seen any new activity. They are throwing more stuff than CVE’S on a Game Day!”

“No way… Jenkins! I need you to get to my MAA account, collect all the silver you can. We need enough of it to train all these new heroes.”

“But sir, you don’t understand. There is no group boss!”



“HOLY FUH!”… And now back to our programming.

Hello and we’re back. Whew, I felt a disturbance in the force from somewhere. Hey, that ties in with our next point.

4th: I think Black Vortex is the closest thing we’ll ever get to a Star Wars tie-in. What? Man don’t tell me you never heard of that old movie Return of the Jedi? You know, the one with the guy who is all stone rock and stuff in the beginning. That’s him isn’t it?

5th: Songbird is in the game. Now I don’t know if they have already done it or if it’s too late to change it, but PD. PLEASE! Tell me you added a new function where every time Songbird uses one of her attacks, she actually does sing a song. I would love for her AOE Disoriented Action to be Rick Roll’s Never Gonna Give You Up. What? You know, because it confuses them, just like people get tricked on the internet?.. I’ll shut up now.

6th: Looking at the icon Cloak and Dagger have when they are on the flight deck is hilarious. Cloak takes most of the image while you only see Dagger’s forehead. “Lol, you’re in my way bro. This is my photo.”

7th: I’ve come to realize how much J’Son’s (Pronounced JAYCE-ON) artwork looks a lot like the late David Bowie. From what I heard a while back before his passing, he was in silent negotiations to play a part for the Guardian’s Sequel, though it never happened because of how ill he was. I think this was a very great tribute and I send big props to the artist who worked on the design. No jokes here. Just paying respect to the Star-Man.

8th: And finally, this PvP Season really sucks… See what I did there?

Well, that’s all I have to give, even though I didn’t do much. It was you, the reader who kind of had to shout out everything I wrote. If you haven’t guessed it, I really wanted to submit this sooner. But a lot of things get in the way and some people just gotsta do what they gotsta do. Like Captain America. I’m sure he likes being good and all, but there comes a time where you just have to sit back, relax and take a second to say….. (Whisper “HAIL HYDRA”).

Agent Sketches flying on out to discover new material to make fun of. Hopefully, some more fart jokes.

P.S Sorry if most of the swearing over-killed the e-mail. But I have to admit, Hank Pym’s Dialogue from Chapter 10 was a big surprise. Didn’t know Old Micheal Man Douglas McGee had quite the mouth.

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