Jul 13, 2016

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FtHC – Agent Screetcher p1

well i’m bored soooooooooooooooo. it’s that time again for a dose of bitching.what should i bitch about. i know bitch mc i mean kruuth. (fucking censoring keep it pg they said).now im going to do something a little different. bitching is great and all but it really does not fix anything so im going to try and fix for you guys what im bitching about. ok kruuth lets be honest she would be a joke without fear me. so im going to show u how to get around fear me. so lets fix my bitching so i looked fear me is well who would have guessed a fear effect. so te first hero i thought of was the man without fear himself destroyer and maybe daredevil. sure u could use other worthy but thats not fun. now why destroyer and daredevil both are immune to fear effects and destroy well hes immune to everything under the sun. so this way they will not get rune of fear so they can deal 100% damage. so what do u guys think do u like my bitching and fixing or do you guys just want me to bitch let me know

p.s. fuck kruuth

p.p.s i don’t care about my grammar. grammar Nazi ibbott

agent screecher

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