Jul 13, 2016

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FtHC – Agent P3

Greeting FTH Crew and Members and to All Agents Listening!

I hope everybody has been enjoying this PVP season. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I am really enjoying it quite a bit. Unlike seasons past this PVP has been fun due to Psychic Force Set just melting the brains of anybody my agent encounters.
I can’t say the same for defense (whats new right?) However, as I was putting together my live stream yesterday, experimenting on what items would be good at countering psychic attacks, I once again found myself muttering those same words I do on every single PVP season since Deadpool appeared in Season 1

“Gee wouldn’t it be nice to see how the AI handles my defense.”

I’ve put together for Playdom a suggested 3 options that will give players some way to make this feasible:

1) Create a new Simulator Room that allows you to fight against yourself.

2) Have it so that we have the option to attack our allies for fun practice.

3) Record the last 5 fights and make them available as replays to watch. (If you want more than 5 then charge us gold for it! Come on Playdom! 😉 ;-))

The 3rd option is my personal favorite as I believe it is the most accurate way of showing how the AI Actually works. Sure I can try out a new weapon or character in PVP practice but it is really NOT the same at all. I am sure these suggestions have been presented to Playdom before and even aired on this show. So, I can’t possibly imagine why in 4 years Playdom has still not given us this really cool and neat option. I can only think that maybe there is some strategic, logical or good monetary reason why Playdom does not allow us to see our AI defenses. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Playdom purposely does not want to give this to us, and if so why?


Phil Ramos, III (aka Special Agent P3)

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