Jul 13, 2016

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FtHC – Agent Kostadin

Hello FTH the agent that has not seen Captain America :Civil war writes in from the country where the title of the movie is The first avenger : war of heroes

So first of all a bit of clean up on my last e-mail.I didn’t have Internet at the time so i wrote it on MSword (where it looked better) and then i used my phone to sent it using my 150 MB of data connection , so i didn’t have time to edit it. also to explain the “features” will be themed aroud PVP in July and then PVE in August

And now welcome back to MAA what if part 2.Today we explore what if MAA had PVP milestone rewards.So this will be a system which gives you reward for achieving milestones like:100attacks= X silver;200attacks=Xcp .Then 10 wins in a row = X silver .finally 10 normal wins =X silver . etc.

I know this series isn’t anything awsome but i hope it’s at least conversation starter

I will leave you of whit a tip : The black vortex shards aren’t consumed when you get Moon dragon so you can put them in PVP they have 25781 on of and def. I’ll be in stream bye.

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