Jul 13, 2016

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FtHC – Agent CK7

Good Morrow, fellow compatriots. Tis I, the 7th Knight of CK bringing glad tidings of grand triumph!

Marry! God save ye who enter the arenas of Playdom, thou art shown no mercy…
Okay I’m done.
I fought a Vibranium leaguer in gold league. Was running the set against a 2/3 psychic immune team that had 7k more health than me so I got murdered.

Recruited the Knight of America (which makes more sense than Knight America, you know like the knights of Camelot, knights of the round table, knights of the old republic and everything. We need an OF playdom!) and Moondragon who I quickly threw into PVP for reading my mind without permission. Not cool Heather.

The Knight of America is a countering monster. I’ve seen him hit for 11k-20k on counters in PVE. However his interrupt is really weird in that he’ll stop an enemy but their animations continue as if the move doesn’t get stopped. Still take no damage but its weird.

Team StarFire? I’m partial to FireStar since its the only way we’ll ever get her in the game ☹. FireLord works too

I always called Fixers infiltrator weapon the wubwub cannon so I think he’d work well with the new device 😛

I think people would like Kraven better if he had the vest that shot lasers out of the eyes. THATS SO KRAVEN! (I want him. I just haven’t got him yet. I’m trying to get back my cp buffer again.) People might actually be running Kraven on offense its just that nobody would want the AI to use him on defense.

Thursday, I was wondering how I was getting so many soulstice stones and then I realized I’m running Black Cat and she’s a thief.
I guess Enchantress seduces the enemies and Felicia goes in for the pickpocket.

Speaking of Black Cat, I watched Kingfishers video on her and now I’m powerleveling Knight of America to l9 to see what nonsense I can do with War Stories before its fixed. Not in PVP, of course because basing your entire team strategy on that exploit isn’t really a wise decision in my opinion. Plus I like my current team. Still, messing around with stuff is fun, right? (Don’t hurt me Kingfisher ☹) I’ve made a long list of heroes that might be affected by it. Will try to share my results.

and speaking of bugs, unless its been fixed Guardian Drax makes EVERYONE bleed out from both sides….it doesn’t matter if the hero is a guardian or not. I know this first hand because I once fought one a while ago and everyone was hemorrhaging after every attack from both sides. Basically if you use guardians drax its going to be a bloodbath. I don’t have him so I can’t check

Psychic Suppression only removes Psychic Warding and Psychic Reduction. Won’t work on Juggy, Kuurth, The TechOrganicEndoskeleton, and Magneto

Will it be safe to discuss what happened at the end of the spec ops next week or will the spoiler mob attack me with pitchforks and torches?

Tally Ho, compatriots! AWAYYYYY

PS: Did you know that the Space Semi character actually EXISTS?
Yes, it does. US-1 was his name. The last time he was ever relevant was as one of the choices of Jessica Jones to babysit/nanny her baby.
The girl isn’t US1 its the guy on the cover with the blonde hair.

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