Jul 13, 2016

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FtHC – Agent Chief

Well, there’s about 2 weeks left of PVP, and at the risk of jinxing myself again, I feel pretty good about finishing in ADA this time. I’m sitting right around 1550, and the massive overnight losses have subsided a bit. In fact, I’ve even had a couple of green numbers show up in defensive battles, so that helps.

Psychic attacks and defending against them seems to be the meta this time around. Yeah, that means a lot of the new SO set, plus Kuurth and the exoskeleton on the agent. Lots of Cloak & Dagger, Kuurth, Nul, Spitfire and Star Lord. I’ve run into a few Mantis teams, but she didn’t give me much trouble.

After running Spitfire quite a bit, I switched back to Nul with C&D. Back for More on Nul with Lethal on his Level 6. Ethereal and Covert on C&D, with Leeching on Level 6. Tried the Bruiser Infused Techsuit for the health drain and both the Blaster E3 and Blaster Infused Techsuits on the agent for the Unavoidable E-ISO for those pesky ethereal enemies, but have gone to the stamina-sucking Tactician Infused Techsuit to force the other team to rest more often when hitting them with debuff actions. Seems to be working pretty well, so I’ll stick with it.

What have you been running into most often? What adjustments have you made, if any, to combat them?

All of my recently recruited heroes (Mantis, Moondragon, Nova, Knight Cap) are at least Level 9. Silver shortage is forcing me to choose leveling them vs. leveling more of my Level 14s to 15. We need a Group Boss in a bad way. Collecting from allies and remote ops doesn’t quite get the job done.

As always, thanks for putting together a great podcast.

Agent Chief FTH

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