Jul 14, 2015

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Agent TechParadox FTF #96

Greetings Agents!


Agent TechParadox here, checking in from the flash-flooded plains of BFE, Illinois, with some stream-of-consciousness thoughts on the latest episode and the new PvP season.


I was cruising home last Wednesday evening and finishing up the latest episode of FTH on my commute, mentally forming up the framework for a quick note regarding the Small Hadron Collider (the first function’s effect names are actual particle physics concepts, and the effects are actually the secondary effects that one gets from the Smartest Man In The Room passive), and I was fully agreeing with your comments on how they need to make the game more newbie-friendly (Seriously, it wouldn’t kill them to either lower the prices of the legacy heroes or sell Gold at a lower price).


I pulled into my driveway, and as I was parking the car a notice came up on my phone from my Facebook friends – the new season of PvP was starting. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Had PD fixed the suit? Who was the new hero? A multitude of questions ran through my head.


I parked and hit the link my phone was showing, pulling up the PD mobile site to read the patch notes. The following ran through my head:


– A new weapon that you can’t activate manually, but it can counter counters and follow-ups? Nice. If the proc rate is high enough, that is.


– A new EISO? And it’s Scrapper-only? I guess this means they shelved the flight-suits until they can get them fixed and swapped in some EISOs they were planning on using later. That thing looks like it could be pretty nasty if you stack it on Quicksilver’s green suit with the usual load-out of the Aggressive EISO and his L1 & L2 set up with the Pugilist and Pulverizing AISO.


– Spider-Man Noir as the reward? AWWWWWW YYYEEEAHHHH – he’s one of my favorites, along with Spider-Man 2099. Scarlet Spider can just sit there in his hoodie and wait. 😉


– Flight Suit Update: Well, it wasn’t what I was hoping for, but at least they’re owning up to the fact that they haven’t got it fixed yet and they’re tweaking it so people can’t exploit it in PvP. Here’s hoping they can get it fixed and the rest of the suits will follow after we cycle through the EISO.


Just a few random thoughts to maybe spark discussion. I’m sure you guys have already hit on most of these earlier in the show, so I’m going to be interested to hear your takes on them.


Remember: Those who do not remember the past are doomed to take History 101 again next semester…


Agent out!

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