Jul 14, 2015

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Agent Slim FTF #96

A fine show, but I’m starting to see a constant theme – talking about issues, things playdom is doing wrong, things that they should do, comparing to other companies/games. We don’t know how big the development team is, we don’t know if they’re expanding, contracting, what their funding is. But what we do know, is that they’re a facebook game which has been up for 3 years, so it’s profitable. Whatever business decision they make, it’s probably the right one (at least for making money, thus continuing to exist).


I understand that these are all important and don’t actually have a problem with listening to that, but if you went back to your earlier episodes, I’d say they had more content that is actually about the game, IN the game. Strategies, teams, even how to ISO up your team, taking one character at a time. Useful stuff, for the average Joe who can come here and listen to you guys explain 10 different ways, from the hardcore to the casual how to defeat a heroic battle, a group boss, or a 3 wave SO27 M3 Boss fight. How to F2P, what are the actually good weapons, ISO, stuff to farm in chapters and taking a good examination of what is to offer. Now all that you say about the new content in the game is “I’m at this and this stage, and I feel this and this about it” which takes a couple of minutes and it’s done for good.


tl;dr – stop being the issue-carrier and start dishing out some content.


If I’m correct, after reading this you’ll go into a “our opinions matter and make a difference because playdom listens to us!” rant 😀



Agent Slim.

  1. I completely agree. However, what I believe has happened is that Kingfisher 745 has become the go to guy for learning about the game itself whereas the FTH guys tell us whats going on behind the scenes err panels…err whatever.

    I can understand them doing this because Kfish does all that hard work but when I get new allies i generally dont tell them to watch Kfish vids i tell them to listen to the show. Then afterwards I feel really bad if the show ends up being a 90 minute “I hate Playdom” rant.

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