Jul 14, 2015

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Agent Ramy FTH – FTF #96

Greetings agents , this is Agent Ramy FTH , first i want to apologize for last time`s email it was stupid i know ,( when i said Future fight is better ) , i was just upset because after long playing in MAA i haven`t got as close as 50 % of the heroes . and i really want to be of use to the show and the players .


Secondly , i want to propose to you , some ideas that i think could make the game better :

1 – Team ups should not only give score , but status as well such as in MFF ( Journalistic integrity Venom , Spiderman and Captain Marvel ) i know it would be hard because of the agent , but they can do a two heroes bonus such as ( Band of brothers loki and thor ) .

2 – Add some way to farm specific heroes , like in Future Fight and Marvel Heroes .

3 – Make it friendly for newbies , such as daily login bonus , should give a hero for the first week or at least bigger CPs .

4 – Add Revenge bar in PVP to get at least half of the points lost .


third ,is it just me or they really messed up Spiderman Noir , and again do you think they will keep adding new spiders without buffing the Original or even giving him a new Alt .


and finally i know this have been long , but do you think they will make a Scarlet Witch age of Ultron Alt , or maybe just maybe next Christmas hero will be Ultron or Ronan , because come on did anyone even thought about Hybrid .or maybe add Daken or Nebula as a lockbox ?


Good bye for now and good luck

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