Jul 14, 2015

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Agent Paquito FTF #96

Hello Guys,Agent Paquito Reporting From Brazil.


I finished the arachnid set,and would like to give you my review on it,as well as how i’m using the set on pvp.Warning:Wall of text Ahead.



Well the set adds only One thing to the table:RAW DAMAGE.What makes this set so good is that it was made and synergises well towards it’s goal.Previous sets did not have a ”win condition” or a clear goal on the pieces(looking at you elemental based sets),like the demon set(Heavy stats boost and AOE Damage),or the Horsemen set(Lots of debuffs and a strong exploit built within the set pieces).

The Rapier is the centerpiece of the set,but every other piece added helps make the weapon even stronger.Extra damage(MASK;SENSOR;Skirmisher from PISTOL),Fatal blow+targeting(Sensor),and it is stealthy,wich bypasses potection and MIND CONTROL(Take That,Amora =P)


The set,however,suffers from its own strenght:Single target atacks.Disoriented will slow you down or make you kill your teamates.Exausted also slows you down a lot,since it makes you choose between atacking or seting up and trust on  the follow ups from the rapier.Also,you are still prone to dodging affects,since the sensor is not subtle,thus,can be dodged.



High Damage

Constant Follow Ups

High Sinergy Between the set Pieces


Built in Avoidance+Counter








My Setup for PVP



Blaster Safeguard Suit(Phased Frequencies E-ISO)




Raft Shank



Blue Costume(Inspiring E-ISO)

Level 1 and 2 with Wide Open A-iso



X-Force ALT(Character Specific E-ISO)

Level 1 With Wide Open A-ISO


How/Why Does It Work

It is the Classic ”Quicklocke” Team,but Better.Not only we have even more follow ups with the rapier,those follow ups are MELEE,thus get stronger with WIDE OPEN,something that the cosmic cardinal could not get,since it’s ranged.Mental coordination isn’t even here for the follow ups(those are a bonus),but for the stats boost it gives.Plus you have the inspiring E-iso and the set Atack essences. Its 60% (30% from M.C.,10% from quicksilver E-ISO,20% from the sensor atack essence)atack boost for the agent right of the bat.I don’t need to tell how much those follow ups will hurt now,do I?Now the raft shank is just a counter-measure against quicklocke/lord teams that you may face.

”But why the blaster suit?”,you ask?Well,it really helps solving some of the set weaknesses.The Unavoidable E-iso helps you ensure the sensor and your follow-ups won’t be stoped by avoidance effects,and the BLASTER SAFEGUARD passive allows you to target tacticians WITHOUT GIVING THEM THEIR CLASS BONUS.Plus,the worthy are still present,and since most are bruisers,you will melt them with follow-ups.And don’t forget:The suit is IMMUNE to Impaired,so starlord’s SPRAY AND PRAY will do nothing against you. Iron Fist is still a problem but once your agent gets a turn,the rapier will melt him into oblivion.


Hope you did not get bored by now =P


Have a Great Week.


*The Agent has Fled*

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