Jul 14, 2015

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Agent Lyles FTF #96

Greetings Helicarrier Ops,

Agent Lyles reporting in after several weeks of mulling over things and drawing ever closer to “catching ’em all.” (Shanna’s the only regular release character that I’m missing). Here are some points I’ve commented upon.


Point 1: I hope you enjoy the joke here but this just in, Whiplash confirmed for Season 22. Yes, I know it says we’ll be getting (the awesome-looking and likely-playing) Spider-Man Noir, but I really did a spit take when I saw that the new season was on after only a week’s reprieve and the main gimmick of the Infiltrator suit being temporarily axed (so at least no glitching). On the plus side, it seems we’ll be getting class-centric ISOs if the power suit continues to snarl the coding.


Point 2:  A balanced rework of the game’s economy:

* 1 Sim Energy = 2 Full Energy tokens

* 100 SHIELD points or 120 points’ worth of Energy tokens = 1 Sim Energy.

(both of these are derived from the amount of time required to gain one notch of Sim energy, with the figure of 100 SHIELD points coming from a getting nothing but energy tokens from daily ally collections [50 allies x 4 energy])

* 60 points’ worth of Energy tokens, 3k SHIELD points, or 100k silver = 2 CP (Calculated from both items’ presence on the daily/boss roulettes and their values when purchased with gold)

100,000 SHIELD points = 1 gold (just to give them some actual value beyond training costs)


Point 3: I just picked up Vision’s blaster alt and it doesn’t support his unique A-Iso. I’m hoping that PD fixes this soon but then again, it took them a while to correct a similar issue with X-23’s alt and her A-Iso.


Final Point: An idea for a Character-specific iso for heroes known to frenzy or entering bloody rages; Blade, Wolverine, Sabertooth, Hulk, Destroyer, X-23, etc. Agent Klotz might recognize this homaging the Battle Fury ability in Heroclix.


Rabid E-iso.

This character gains Foaming Rager (This character is immune to Stun, Delirium, and Psychic attacks/effects, but cannot use ranged attacks.)


I have more to say, including my own designs for a Helicarrier Set of Gear, but I figure this transmission has gone on for long enough, keep up the awesome show.


Agent Lyles out.

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