Sep 8, 2016

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Agent Kostadin

Hello FTH the agent that got his wish ,but as the last hero in the game writes in from the corner in which he is going to cry when the game is gone.

Get ready for a longer one, as we begin the final part of MAA what if.Here today we explore how i wanted the game to end.
First i wanted it to take a while longer , but that aside.You see another tap titled THE END ,you click it and see the following message :”to enter this part you need to master all previous missions and acquire all heroes “. If you’ve done that Colson appears and says we will need you to split the team in five agent, we have a problem of cosmic proportions.
Colson disappears and you see 5 missions in a star shape depicting the body parts of Galactus. You enter the misson you see that treats = all of your heroes devided by 15 you beat him and he pops out and says you have proven yourself my power agent and Galactus is recuited.NOTE:up to this point he will be invisible in the team page and you win.

I just want the game to be released as a stand alone game. Some tweking will be needed but i think it can be done.
This concludes THE MAA what if series ,but not this e-mail. there are some more things i want to to say
1.i want to ask you two ,king, anido ,pokeprof and all others how do you want the game too end.
2.Its funny that i had this e-mail planed since june.
3. Last put not least I want to make september 29 the first and last world wide get your heroes of the flight deck day. Bye.

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