Sep 8, 2016

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Agent Kirby

Hey guys, Agent Kirby here, just wanted to say with the upcoming end of MAA 1 and 2 (who knows, maybe the MAA and MAA 2 worlds are gonna crash into each other), even if I didn’t send any reports to you guys, I was still with you all the way. You guys helped me to become a better Agent, I learned about the 1.12.2 trick from you guys, and I became more aware of how PVP and Spec Ops were structured and what characters were OP or broken when it was revealed. If it wasn’t for you I doubt I would’ve retained my interest in MAA, and I probably would’ve never hit 300+. The fact that I sent you stuff that you actually read, and seemed to be interested in (like the Training Calculator I made back when the level cap was 14). So to everyone at FTH, from the Field Agents to our great leaders, from the listeners/readers to the video/post makers…

Thank you, all of you.

This is Agent Michael Kirby, and I’ll save you all some seats to watch this incredible ride end.

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