Sep 8, 2016

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Agent Kal

Greetings, fellow agents! This is Agent Kal.

This is It. The End has arrived. Like many other agents, I thought that we at least had a Season 3 coming-up, with the game enduring until Avengers: Infinity War was in theaters.

This was a great game, and I want to congratulate Playdom for improving it since the beginning. It would’ve been so easy to just coast along with the base game from 2012, but they did add some great features and mechanics.

I hope that we can get an interview with Producer Woods or some other higher-up in the show, since I have so many questions about the game and how they made their decisions about what to add and change.

As for things I would’ve improved: have the Mighty Weapons available since chapter 8 or 9! Those would’ve made PVP less dominated by the Worthy, and we could’ve gotten the Iso Infused versions for chapter 11.

See you all in the next great Marvel game, fellow Agents! Agent Kal signing off.

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