Sep 8, 2016

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Agent CK7

FTH 155 the “wait, when did we get the sextant?” edition.
Hello all its agent CK7 here
Recently got Ronan (monster at l6) and Kraven (really fun)
Still haven’t got the Ring of Denak, so no character build yet.

So, from the teases in Ch11 it seems like a near guarantee that we’ll see Mystique as a lockbox. Or PD likes trolling everyone, since she won that poll from a while ago on the now-shut down forums

“1. Mystique-372
2. Thanos-95
3. Carnage-68
4. Ronan The Accuser-65
5. Ultron 12/good ultron-60
6. Apocalypse-56
7. Mandarin-46
8. Doctor Octopus-39
9. Bob Agent of Hydra-36
10. Bastion-33
10. Green Goblin-33”

So, lets dig deeper into the chapter shall we?
The Hood (from the dialogue with Punisher), and Hela (mission completion dialogue) also have a chance at being a lockbox. I would say that any villain that we capture in CH11 should have a chance at being a lockbox, like Mystique. So, Dragoness, Grim Reaper, Baron Zemo, Madame Masque (I think we captured her, right?) all should have shots, I suppose.

Another thing about the chapter was that there were some interesting absences. While I know that PD couldn’t realistically put everyone in the missions, it still is weird that:

Selene wasn’t present at the site of Sebastian Shaw’s alliance with Morgan Le Fay. What was she doing? She’s the Black Queen. If the Hellfire club is leaving, shouldn’t she be there?

Arnim Zola and Baron Zemo were not present for Red Skull’s whole incursion siphoning thing. Now, normally this wouldn’t be a big thing. But remember a few chapters ago someone took a shot at Red Skull in his boss fight. While I think many believed it was Winter Soldier, I wonder if there’s something else going on there. We later did see Zemo trying to leave with/aid the Mandarin. Is there more to this? Is Zemo no longer with Hydra? And where is Arnim Zola?

Jack O Lantern was not present for the demonic alliance with the Kingpin. He’s the resident psycho guy who hangs out with demons in the MAA universe. It would have been logical for him to be there more than Mysterio. Maybe Jason Macendale or Roderick Kingsley did him in? 😛
On that note;
Also the last time we saw Jack O lantern and Mysterio was the mission where they were trying to locate the enchanted sextant. What is our current Chapter Mastery weapon? The GOLDEN sextant. Mysterio didn’t have it in the chapter, because he gave it to someone else. How did we get a hold of it? SHIELD thought Kingpin was supposed to have it. Jack was supposed to be working for him the last time we saw him. Neither of these things were answered in this chapter.

Wild Guesses
-Mysterio gave the sextant to Octavius, who has joined SHIELD in secret.
-Mysterio gave the sextant to the Kingpin, who lost it to us somewhere? Or perhaps gave it to us? I don’t know.
-Mysterio gave the sextant to us, and is working with us in secret. As a performace. He’d love that.

What do you guys think?

On an unrelated note, I hope that Dane still kept that ebony blade and didn’t just drop it. That thing can cut through anything. Would suck if something like HYDRA or AIM got their mitts on it. Although, MODOK with the Ebony Blade is a pretty funny thought

What are the MAA Mighty? Is it the weapons…or something else?

Well, that’s it for today. Hopefully, I’ll finally get that ring soon for the build Im working on.

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