Sep 8, 2016

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Agent CK7

From the Field #157 “The End is Near” edition

Hello all its CK7 here and…wow, I can’t believe its ending.

I learned about it when planning what I was going to do next, which was finishing up my investigation on the War Stories move and all the heroes it affects….guess that’s not useful anymore. (Cable’s l9 and War Stories are not compatible. It doesn’t reset the cooldown of his extra turn move for some reason)

I also had a Dr. Doom build that I was planning on being a big storyline-like idea with even characters like Machine Man getting involved, being hired by Doctor Doom to force me to make said moveset…but I can’t get that out of my OneDrive because Microsoft locked me out of not one, but two of my email accounts and won’t let me open it.

So, Here’s what I was planning on releasing if had the ring of denak (or at least what I remember of it)

Team: Agents of Doom
Doctor Doom
EISO: Resonant/Mystical
The Resonant eiso means Doom will heal after every action because of the mystical eiso. That eiso also buffs the damage of his DOOM cannon
Other possible EISOs: Solid Defense, Energizing,

L1: Overcharged. This AIso allows Doom to apply static charge with his level 1.1
L2: Combat Casting or Thorned could be nice. I was going to run the powerful eldritch, but the thorned is probably the best way to go. Especially with the possible agent setup
L3: Erupting, Obsolescent, Automated are all nice choices but I would have went with the Collapsing, for the fumbling and the hobbled (which hurts his counter class)
L4: Powerful Mechanized, there’s not much you can put here

Tactician Flight Suit
Possible Eiso: Inceptive Ressurection, Non-stop action, calculated force, bag of tricks, Sacred
We’ll go with Sacred/Nonstop Action for this build

Channeling glove (for the follow ups)
Ring of Denak/Lantern of Doom
Thunder Strike/Bug Zapper
I think the last two pieces were
Grace Note
Venom Launcher

The channeling glove attacks and applies hexed as a follow up whenever an enemy with Bane is attacked. Plus it removes buffs
Ring of Denak applies Bane AOE plus sin, bleeding, and hemorrhages. Using the thorned with doom would allow for lots of hemorrhaging. The Lantern of Doom works too. (I have neither)
The Thunder strike counters enemies with static charge (given by dooms l1) and the bug zapper protects and counters against enemies with static charge

Doom’s l1.2 and 2.2 are stealthy which means they’ll not be affected by disoriented and mind control.

Grace Note pre-counters, Venom Launcher applies AOE Near Fatal which helps with Doom’s passive Ring Imperial in ensuring enemies that have ring imperial don’t make it back after they hit the threshold

You’d probably need to bring in the psyche operator as well for the meta (though that matters little at this point)

Does it work? I have no clue.

Well, next week I’ll be revealing more of my Work in Progress stuff…the next one was my last PVP team.

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