Jul 14, 2015

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Agent Averal FTF #96

Agent Averal FTF #96

Greetings, Helicarrier folk! Agent Averal back once again. Let’s get started, shall we?

First, I must ask Playdom:

You call this a sale?

I could pay in gold for the Iron Patriot, Cap’n Rogers, and Iron Man 42 alts, but I was saving for Vision and you want CP, so… No.

Oh look, 74 CP for his Infilbruiser alt. Let’s see, that means I need

*carry the one, add the three…*

40 CP.

To recruit Vision, that is.

I don’t have Vision. So I’ll need 114 total. Now I’m not as interested, you guys. I just don’t want to spend my hard-bought gold to get CP to spend CP to recruit heroes.

Well, at least I was able to build the Relentless Rapist. Now I have the set. I’m especially surprised since I got the Bio-Electric Pistol through DAILY ROULETTE. You know the last time I won a spec ops weapon in the daily roulette? It was the last day of the Apocalypse spec ops. Yeah, that long ago. Any other time, I crafted that part of the set.

Anyway, everyone seems to love the Rapist, and I can see why. It does incredible damage. I can’t ima-




It’s not?


It’s called the Relentless Rapier?




Oh, would you look at that, it is.

Okay thanks.

*ahem* Sorry about that. I love using the Relentless Rapier. I must have thought the other word because Ultimate Spider-Man is either a terrible acupuncturist or is trying to give his opponent 1,000 Years of Death. I’m not sure I like his definition of kinky…

Anyway, I guess we’ll have a new spec ops in a few days to coincide with Ant-Man. I’m certain this is what happened with Cannonball’s spec ops being pushed aside for the GotG spec ops. Oh well, I’m up for another spec ops.

Spec ops.

Oh, before I forget!

In the picture for the mission details of our recently ended spec ops, Spider-Man is in the middle of the Sinister Six, but Sandman’s a good guy now! He could use some Sinister lovin’!

Sandy Iso-8

-Sand Castle

-Allies take reduced damage from, and low chance to block, electric and ground attacks

-50% chance to block Attrition effects on Allies

This was lengthy, I know, but I’m finished. I just don’t have enough stamina to speak on PvP other than Sandman kills and I love it. Have fun, Agents!


Agent Averal


P.S. I guess now I have to try Future Fight if FTH is going to have an alliance in the game. Where did I put my tablet…?

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