Sep 8, 2016

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Agent Averal

Hello, hello FTH! This is Agent Averal and boy is it a wonderful day for Marvel Aveng-

*stares perplexed at closing message*
…uh, what?
Well, this is awkward…

It’s weird for me hearing the news that Cul Borson snuck in one hell of a fear realized. I imagine like everyone else, the first thought that came to my mind was “What now?”

Well, for me, I’m going all the way to the end because I don’t think I’d be happy just leaving. As long as there’s shit to do, I’s a shittin, believe you me. (Yes, I’m saying bad words, no, I don’t care, yes it could be worse: you could be hearing my voice and no one wants that)

Anyway let’s talk positive events. Something happened post PvP, and I found it weird. Though I never thought it would happen, I recruited every hero. I’m proud of myself, but the job’s not done.

My goals are as follows:
Master Season 1 (Currently S2 is fully cleared)
Level all remaining new heroes to at least 9. (One task away from Adam)
Get remaining ideas on show (Before the Lab closes)
Play around with teams (because what else is there?)
Do a playthrough of every mission (possibly nonstop, highly unlikely)

Lengthy, huh? I’m going to miss that…

Agent Averal

Serpent’s Eye
“Careful with that hammer, or Stop, Hammer Time!”
Magic Summon, One Enemy
2 Round Cooldown
Quick Action
-Agent gains Aura of The Serpent (1 Round)
-Random Worthy hammer falls and strikes (Catastrophic, Ethereal Strike), applying certain effects.
-All hammers also apply Pain and Internal Bleeding
A. World – Applies Staggered and Meteor Swarm
B. Stone – Deadly Crits. Applies Intimidated and Rune of Ruin. (Another Stone explodes Rune)
C. Ocean – Applies Waterlogged, Drowning, Pressure Points
D. Will – Applies Dark Forces, Malignant Poison, Sin
E. Men – Applies Opportunist. Grants Wind-Up and Breakthrough to all allies

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