Sep 8, 2016

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Agent Ashton

I have purposely waited a few days before i wrote this e-mail. The past few days, I have been going through many emotions, but I keep returning to sadness. I am going to miss this game so much. Each day, I come back to my office at lunch and I instantly turn on the game. Its my stress relief and at this point its my natural reflex. Even now as i try to quit the game, i feel like I cannot. I am not sure how October 1st is going to feel but I am not looking forward to it.

As I play this newest spec ops I am using various characters and it is a weird trip down memory lane. I can remember grinding it out with Medusa to get her to a higher level even when i could not stand her, I can remember where I was when i got my first worthy and how proud i felt. Each memory brings me back to a certain time in my life over the past four years. This last spec ops has simply been bitter sweet. With my gold I have bought several lock box characters that I was missing and with white tiger and Adam Warlock, i keep wishing there will be a new pvp. and atlas it is not coming.

With all that being said, I cannot thank everyone that has been apart of the community and of coarse this podcast. It has been so much fun and of coarse I am subscribe to your other podcast and therefore I will not be leaving completely but I will forever miss this game and this specific community. Its been four great years and the only regret I had was taking 8 months off after chapter 1 ended but I fought vigorously to get back. I hope these last few weeks we can enjoy the game and reflect on all of our favorite and least favorite sides of the game. I think we should have one last character ranking. It feels like the appropriate time to do so. Thank you to our hosts if it were not for you I would have never gotten back into the game and for that I will be forever in your debt. Lets make these last few weeks fun.

Agent Ashton

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