• groot1

FTH #45 I Am Groot

You know we are going to lead right out of the gate with our newest most favoritest hero Groot! The jokes are funny, the character is powerful but not over powered, and he is just damn fun to play. We […]

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  • HPIM4413

FTH #44

Agent Epic Boss McFall is missing in action, but Agent Ibbott and Agent Klotz do a great job of taking the Helicarrier out for a spin. You have proabaly already stopped reading this line o hit play. Carry on! Headlines: […]

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  • cannonall

FTH #43 PvP ends and Spec ops continues on!

Man we had such a great and fast episode today. Talking about our progress in Spec ops, tips on defeating Bastion, lockboxes and so much more. Of course we get to the just finished PVP season and bring you an […]

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  • debuff dossier

[Strategy] Debuff Dossier – #5 Pain & Exposed

 In this featured series, Agent AL Nightmare will examine two debuffs that are similar, and breakdown their effectiveness and offer strategic analysis on how to determine which is a greater threat. Welcome to the fifth issue of Debuff Dossier! In […]

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  • 3409358-marvel_the_worthy

FTH #42 Season 2 chapter 6

Sure enough a few hours after the show launched last week Season 2 Chapter 6 dropped into the game for us. We have two takes on it this week as agent Ibbott was recouperating from his awesome weekend at Nerdtacular. […]

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  • x-force MAA

FTH #41 X-Force run through

The X-Force suits launched this week and we are here to give you some insight on which ones to buy. Also breaking news of spec ops and our own speculation on it, plus Agent McFall likes to poke at the […]

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  • drax the destroyer in pvp

FTH #40 PVP is back

PVP season #355 launched friday and chaos has ensued.  The three amigos break down their launch teams, the hilarity of bugs, errors we made, what we are learning from tracking our battles, and sooo much more. New weapons launch and […]

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FTH #39 – Shanna’s Covert Ops

Of course out of the gate we talk about the latest covert ops character Shanna. in Shanna’s Covert Ops you get to take her shopping for serums, but then when you beat up her ex boyfriends you wind the chance […]

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  • 300

FTH #38 – Cougar Sushi

Agent Klotz teaches us how to pronounce a weapon name – Cougar Sushi (thanks Agent Grimm), We pitch ideas for new shows that you can be a part of, cover the newest weapons and sets on the market, and take […]

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  • martac

FTH #37 Arch Demon Nicolae

So for the first time ever we have an agent from the field sitting in with us as a guest. Arch Demon Nicolae has joined us as a token of our gratitude for all that he has done for the […]

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