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FTH #67 – PVP 18, Spec Ops Drop, and the Spartan Chant

SO welcome to our bonus show this week. Playdom not only dropped the newest of Spec Ops mere hours after the last episode they also turned right around and dropped PVP 18 right away. So we cover the thoughts on […]

FTH #66 – Gameday, Molly Hayes, and the Daily Missions

Just as Playdom had their server issues we had refresh issues in the launching of the show on twitch. But after we did a few forced refreshes we were delighted to have Uncle George appear as a new hero for […]

FTH #65 – Dalton says what?

We are running a better and tighter ship now with improvements to come to the web site soon-sih ™. What you experience from us today is a faster cleaner show where we stay on point without sacrificing any of our […]

FTH #64 – Marvel Heroes and PVP

So coming off of the 24 hour Coverthon as a second show last week, and the fact that nothing new dropped in but problems to M:AA we end up discussing Marvel Heroes a bit and maybe it will tickle your […]

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FTH #63 Coverthon 2014

Klotz and I join Ibbott for his annual charity fund-raiser “Coverthon”. We were honored to be able to give back and participate not just in being entertaining for two hours but also in giving awesome prizes to giveaway as well. […]

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FTH #62 The Boss has Fled

We are missing Agent Ibbott this week but are joined by Arch Demon Nicolae who brings some new and interesting ideas to the table. We tease a debate about sandbagging which will be held in full this Friday on the […]

FTH#61 – Marvel Said Knock You Out

We kick this one off hard and fast getting right into the PVP matchmaking, Spec Ops finishing up, the expanded universe, and Marvel said knock you out. Why are you still reading this when you can be listening! Headlines: PVP […]

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FTH #60 MarvelCon

So fair warning we have a few adult words in the description of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie by Sony. Also about halfway through my local high quality recording decided to quit unbeknownst to me. Luckily we have the Twitch.tv […]

Thank you for your service.

This goes out out to everyone in the world who served their country in the military. It is a different breed of man or woman who signs up for this kind of duty and we wanted to thank you in […]

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FTH #59 Spec Ops 22 and Why We Play

Playdom ever so kindly dropped Spec Ops 22 last week just after the show and we have ha d some time with it. ¬†Like any good news reporters we have the good, the bad, and the ugly. Following the King’s […]